Just your average fly

I had no choice but to flash this little bug-ger. Normally flies are a jittery punch; you may go through your whole life with no success in smacking one or whatsoever. This one was passive enough, probably stunned by the cold (that, or it was in sync with the negative exams vibes floating around campus). I had dialed down my flash to its weakest, cropped the picture a wee bit. It’s rather challenging to fill in the shadows though, especially when I’m on a compact. Nevertheless, it’s about making the most out of what you have; a few seconds later it flew away.

The mother of all macro photography involves the use of a lens capable of delivering more than 1:1 magnification. The one for Canon would be the MP-E 65, which can deliver a gargantuan x5 magnification. The thing about professional macro photography work; it requires skill and most importantly, a good light source. So a good light source would cost about $800, the lens about $1200…so on, you get my drift.

On the other side of this glass panel was the equivalent of an insect graveyard. I supposed they were attracted to the inner lights emanating from within the building, and were committed (till death) in reaching that purposeful light.


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