Deviating from the norm, into equilibrium

Today was a good deviation from the systematic, no politics or stock watching prior to 9am and such. Again, it’s been a while since I’ve set foot onto the reservoir called Mac Ritchie. Gotta thank Charlton for pacing me through the last part! Works are still ongoing, but upon completion it will be more scenic than it already is.

I may give the impression that I am taking this fixation with nature all too far. Let’s just say the butterfly with salient blue features made my day, while internet political jockeying did not. I admire the state of equilibrium in nature. Humans on the other hand, generally do not strike an equilibrium with their environment. We behave more like viruses.

This was taken at home.

Picked a flower that was facing the sun. I like how the center appears to be glowing.

A creative take on an ordinary geyser or what have you.


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