Frozen Yoghurt

It’s frozen yoghurt over ice cream any day. Like the story of bubble tea, there was one, and then two, and then there were many joints. This particular one at IMM looked like it wouldn’t last the run. I’ve never seen anybody that uninterested in doing business; I’ve walked past this one time and saw the staff squatting down, yakking on her mobile. They had to sell a medium-sized cup at a lower margin, presumably to push some sales. If you are in the service line, eye contact is a prerequisite of good service, and you could already guess that there were none. There is a dearth of good hired help. I’ve taken up part time jobs before, and worked with colleagues who thought that the task didn’t deserve full attention as they were merely ‘temporary staff’. Some of these people go to the local universities, and they don’t value add.

Here is my version of a cup of goodness. People who can’t take beef for various reasons (eg. religion) should stay away from gummies, since the gelatinous agents in question are extracts from beef or pork bones (that doesn’t sound too appetizing).

One with a different focus

And lastly,


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