A cup and sunlight

The abundance of light was calling for abuse, so I had to put my subject (after a cup of morning Darjeeling) in the firing line of UV A to C. I’m thankful for the little stuff that might otherwise go unnoticed as we go about the day like clockworks. Some individuals use complaints as a weapon; you don’t complain about the cost of living when you’re actually one of those who got the Ipad 2 before noon. You can instead be thankful.

Was again quite disappointed with my output; it kind of speaks volumes for the lack of motivation I’ve been having of all sorts. I mean, I chose an empty cup, of all metaphors.

Focus was on the handle, but I had somewhat botched it while steadying myself on the chair. I would have spent more time correcting the problem, but I remembered I needa play the part of a dutiful student, for at least another month.


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