The Fatalistic View of Life

Apparently I had thought coming back online beats being tucked in bed.

I was never a proponent of a fatalistic view of life, because I had never liked the idea that I wasn’t in control. If this sounds familiar, you would like to know I share the same view as Neo in The Matrix. However, to put forth a counter argument, we could cite examples pervasive in our world,

Healthcare: Major hospitalization and surgery will set you back a probable 6 digits.

Education: Perhaps your wanderlust beckons, you would like to acquire your bachelors in a land where the sun shines in exuberance, where the water tastes sweeter. Ergo, overseas.

Not that relevant but, body build: The cost of whey protein could put 2-3 sacks of rice on your table.

What I am trying to put across is that you could harbor ideals fit of kings, aspirations of the next defining entrepreneur and fate deals you and unlucky hand. The poor gets no health care, and could do little about aesthetics. The ones who can obtain an overseas degree are the ones who can afford to do it. A personal example comes from a friend I am no longer in contact with: His parents are hawkers, and his dad once had to be liable for a friend who jumped bail; life was tough. He (my friend) eventually became a regular officer for the army. Now, he may or may not aspire to be an officer, but it is nonetheless a regular job that brings money to the table. I had seen him in school a while back and he was actually doing a part time course before he embarked on his overseas posting. He probably pays for his own school fees. He may want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg but he probably couldn’t as he took center stage in the play titled ‘Victim of Circumstances’.

Which goes to say that the notion of equality is dismissible. I see privileged, as well as the under privileged people all around. The privileged could very much do whatever they want to do. The latter sadly, in all likelihood, will be selected out. The typical Singaporean Auntie knows this: The rich get richer, the poor gets poorer. The life stories of people beating the odds are, very, very good reads.

So, the story of evolution: Nature with nurturance, governed by chance. I have never been one to rest on my laurels or accept status quo, but attributing causality to ‘want’ and ‘get’ is questionable. Still, I’ll continue until life deals me a favorable hand.


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