Hawker food, and a great sunset

As I pen down my thoughts, the TV coverage on the GE runs in the background. After weeks of observing war-mongering/trolling, I’ve come to the conclusion that some of them regrettably were campaigning for selfish reasons. The main reason why I didn’t blare my horns on Facebook; being the opinion oriented individual that I am, I try to be mindful of the feelings of friends I might have potentially slighted (especially when I am on the issue of religion, a proven recipe for disaster). However, I’m inclined to say this: The bozo who spread the message that ‘a cross’ means to ‘strike out’ could do some soul searching; this is a cheap-shot and low by your standards.

Some food fare: A $4.50 plate of chicken chop from Bukit Timah Hawker. More coleslaw, no fries.

This was a great sunset; I haven’t seen one in a long time. If you have a compact with you, you reap keepers like these. I chose to include the silhouette of the tree. The moon poses for a shot as well.

Another take.

And one in school.


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