An Election Hangover

I know, a post election post still counts as a political one (though I’ve said I wouldn’t harp too much on it). Nothing professional or exhaustive though, just some musings.

I woke up to a largely sore social media, licking their wounds. After the collective obscene amount of chatter and noise the entire social media had stirred up, I was pretty sure democracy had a hand in 81-6. I personally found some comments disturbing, as if people were hanging on to some senseless or irrational notion. Let’s just say if I were to serve my country as a voice for the people, exactly who I am fighting for? People who are genuinely concerned, or people who are just cynics and cowboys at heart?

It was democracy which saw the guillotines fall on 2 ministers. I acknowledge the victory of the WP; it goes to show that even the mighty must bow to the will (irrational or not) of its people. WP correctly rode on sentiments and seized the day. George Yeo was right when he said a new chapter has opened; this GE and particularly this victory has been etched in the minds of the people. The winning margin on average has shrunk (except AMK-GRC), and the opposition could only imagine the potential possibilities in the next coming GE.

If this GE was anything to be, it was an important lesson for the PAP, rightfully acknowledged by again, George Yeo. Perhaps there was an initial sense of complacency; they certainly underestimated (there ought to be a book on this) the backlash that came from the social media. However, positives could be drawn; they have heard the complaints loud and clear. Anything else other than forward, would be ill-advised, in the next 5 years. Given their impressive track record, and a willingness to align their policies in tandem with a changing political landscape (young voters in particular), I too am quietly confident that they will deliver. 81 seats says that the nation, with or without its misgivings about the PAP, still believe that they are the best party to form a government.

The internet is still ablaze, with chatter ranging from conspiracy theories to talks about Kate Spade. I am genuinely sadden that her intentions to serve her people were questioned repeatedly. I think no countrymen should ever have to go through that. Yes, she may not hold up to rivals now, but a good 5 years would see a politician with a more polished approach. I’m hoping that she would muster up necessary resolve and plow through the barrage of criticisms.

What I hope not to see, are outflows of talent. If the country questions my intentions and integrity persistently for example, I might say, take my skills to another country and be rightfully better off. This scenario is entirely plausible; I have friends (no slouches in the intellectual department) who are overseas and do not intend to return. The possibilities, should they decide to serve their country, are limitless. Something for thought.

The GE saw many accomplished writers staking claims in the cyberspace pie; I am somewhat humbled. Well thought concrete and factual arguments. Some of the peeps on Facebook would be very credible activists, should they eventually align themselves to a particular cause. Hats off to you guys 🙂


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