of flowers and shoes

Didn’t had time to post any photos, so here I am. On another note I have really cheesy/boring titles for my posts.

This was actually a 2nd try; I went back to the exact same spot since the previous shoot was botched. It’s a tad tricky getting the compact to focus smartly on a bunch of flowers sticking out here and there. I could do F/8.0, but then the bokeh wouldn’t be pleasing. Anyway, if you are fidgety around flying insects like bees, it is best you leave the scene altogether before you encourage it to sting you.

Yes, this is $50. I’ve had numerous expensive mistakes with shoes; a $200 pair of shoes wouldn’t do any wonders if the fundamentals are laughable. On and off I get the notion that I don’t really make the cut for distance running, similarly reinforced by opinions given by friends. That much is true; I recover slower than the majority of distance runners, I am injury prone, my gait is not ideal for distance running. But I still have 6 months to reach my goal, hopefully.


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