Chasing Stars

I don’t own a CCD (those are capable of imaging nebulas) camera, but I’ve always wanted to try. Our island isn’t an ideal place for photographing stars; there is just too much light pollution. Anyway, this was done with long exposures with my kit lens (I finally found some use for it). Nothing wrong with the kit lens; I doubt a 35mm f/1.4 is gonna give me more clarity with insane light pollution.

*update – if you can zoom in to the max, you would see really, really interesting colors.

This appears orange-y due to light from the nearby construction site, bouncing off dust and clouds.

A plane actually flew past for this exposure. If you peep hard enough you can see the a cloud trail; I thought it would form a light trail.

I didn’t have infinity focus spot-on I think, but the moon sure looks glorious.


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