Thrashing the camera’s meter

Here is something you wouldn’t be able to do with a camera on Auto or P mode. The camera will automatically determine a correct exposure, and in this case it will attempt to expose the room, resulting in an overblown sky. I’ve done a similar picture with my room window in one of my previous posts; you’ll have to manually underexpose your photo through an increase in shutter speed, a reduction in ISO or an increase in F stops. Or a combination of these factors. Personally I’m a sucker for low ISO which is especially bad for moving subjects; it means you’ll miss a ton of shots due to iso-shutter speed trade offs.

There is actually a whole lot of clutter, but it don’t matter because you can’t see it!

This lovely ball of fire is likely the bane of many morning commuters; it makes morning transit a hot and humid affair. We could also actually stitch re-runs of commuters boarding and alighting at JE MRT station, and it would probably make the cut as a horror movie.


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