Chasing Stars, Part 2

Decided to have yet another go at stars, this time with a 100mm.

This was a 10 second exposure; leaving it longer results in star trails. Those are moving clouds by the way. I swear I could only see about 4-5 stars with the naked eye; long exposures would likely expose a sky full of stars. There are plenty above us at any given point of time actually, we just can’t see them due to light pollution.

The star trails are visible in this photo. 25 second exposure. You can see an array of colors too if you zoom in.

If you can take exposures measured in hours (challenging due to noise pollution, environmental and operational factors), the trails would form a circle due to the earth’s rotation. If you aim your camera at Polaris however, all the stars would appear to spin around it. Polaris is the north star.


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