Lightning, barely!

This would be a first actually. The phenomenon of lightning is still not well understood and you can trace its research roots back to Benjamin Franklin. Possible explanations for the electrical discharge includes neutrinos. You often see lightning accompanying volcanic eruptions, another spectacular sight.

I woke up before dawn, made a trip to the kitchen and this globule (it looked like dust pillars in space, where stars form; you can even see a couple of twinkles in this picture!) had parked itself in a nice spot. I had then fetched my S95 (which I had think would suffice), which turned out to be a bad call.

It was building up to a rather spectacular storm cloud; the moment the lighting flashed I knew I had to take a picture. After much fumbling, no tripod, and a handful of opportunities wasted, I’ve got a keeper. It was a pity though; the frequency had diminished and I was actually throwing dices when it struck, without the cloud filling the frame. A little bit more of the sky would be a marvel.

Splendor, I must say.

And on the roads.


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