Sneaking in a couple of photos

I’ve been crazily busy of late, and that trend is set to extend beyond my final paper. I’m still getting photos in though, all in all a good thing. Photos however revolve around the confines of my home and its immediate vicinity.

This was again, shot outside my kitchen window. Just to illustrate that a telephoto lens is capable of capturing landscape shots. I’m rather thankful I didn’t plonk down the cash for an ultra wide angle (yet), as I would probably have little use for it given my photographic needs of late. At dawn, light shows like this are possible, depending on the state of atmosphere.

I remember this fella; this was taken after lunch.

Peekaboo. Wasn’t a clean shot.

Passed by this in the morning; it was the reason why I would venture downstairs in the blazing sun. It’s web was glistening in the morning sun, and I thought I would pay it a visit after my papers.

And a hibiscus that wasn’t fully in the frame.


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