if I would get shot for my views

Terrorism isn’t intrinsically different from the profession of faith; the notion of a holy war is advocated to willing listeners. The idea does not crumble with the death of a leader; rather it manifests itself in acts committed by people who perceive a threat to their beliefs. Seemingly, no meaningful end.

Alright, I might get shot for juxtaposing religion to terrorism, but that just serves to exemplify what I’ve quoted. I think terrorism would likely be around for times to come, albeit global efforts to flush it out. How to do you effectively eliminate an entity that is de-centralized in organizational nature? It is tricky isn’t it; ala you bomb me I bomb you and a century later there is no end in sight.

I risk the wrath of religious folks, including that of my friends’, on many occasions. Their ire towards my views wouldn’t be unfounded; the expression of my views challenges creation on many fronts. They know though, that the profession of faith is a largely sensitive one. I would say tolerance plays a huge role; I try to be mindful about the thoughts I convey in text. However I am more outspoken against individuals in positions of power; like the soothsayer (who has once again revised the date of the apocalypse, who does that?). I mean, you can revise apocalypses like that? The sheer lunacy of that notion is complimented by the millions of dollars in donations spent on advertising about the day of reckoning. I would like to remain on Earth when the rapture occurs, which is just as well since I am supposedly not entitled to a ticket out of here.

Some might wonder why I would spent a disproportional amount of time contemplating about worldly matters. I would say then, that it is the way I ascribe meaning to my world, like how God ascribes meaning to yours.


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