Chow Fan!

My photo output of late is as good as zilch; now that my s95 is in China with my sister, I do miss the versatility it brought about.

Let me start by saying that the regular fried rice you can get at coffee shops are nothing to rave about. The quantity is plentiful, and you could say the same for its blandness. I may sound cynical (hey, we should be thankful we ain’t living in environments plagued with famine), but all in all I meant that I would prefer any other dish (mostly) as compared to fried rice take out.

The magnitude of difference between a home cooked and the hawker version is roughly that of the ground beneath your feet and the stratosphere. The home cooked version (this isn’t my creation, but regular food fare my mum conjures up) comprises of mainly of left overs; I’m aware it doesn’t immediately sound tasty but a sample would prove otherwise.

Left over rice, sprouts, fresh mushroom-egg omelet, shrimps, fried shallots, garlic and onions, garnished with fresh leafs.


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