the lunar eclipse debacle, sortof

So any hope of catching the lunar eclipse was obliterated by yes, rain. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to catch the moon from the confines of my home; however the rain reduced the probability of any field observation to nil. I can only wonder what the peeps at the Science Center were experiencing. The lunar eclipse of 2011 to them will be characterized by cold, shiver, and a whole load of profanities.

I lost some sleep but still, I couldn’t pass up the chance to observe a global phenomenon. This entity floating in space, responsible for tides (it is theorized that when the moon was much closer to Earth, it’s tidal pull was much more profound, and life probably would not have started if the tides were not monstrous enough to relocate nutrients from seabeds onto land), stabilizing the Earth’s wobble (we owe our 4 seasons to this entity), and many more.

All’s not lost though, as I caught the moon pre-eclipse, basking in an orange-y glow.

An imba cropped version of the moon. It is tidally locked to Earth, meaning you would always see the same ‘face’ of the moon.

And lastly, a hand-held version. You could see that the night was building up into a hazy affair.


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