the point of paying a premium

No, not a picture of Sim Lian’s public relations debacle. Their site’s all built up, and so has the public backlash over a ‘paltry’ $880 000. It was a PR disaster because you don’t set a price, yield to public pressure and take $100 000 off your asking price.

I think we are due for a market correction soon; people are gonna realize it’s pointless to pay close to a million and still be under the town council’s jurisdiction. The point of paying a premium is simple. There is no reason why they couldn’t fit the whole of the airplane with comfortable seats. Or why first class ticket holders on trains get to dine while the economy class does not. Somebody has to suffer in order to justify the premium paid.

Which in this case, is rather pointless. Granted that the economy remains buoyant, you might pat yourself on the back 5 years down the road for the money well spent. Otherwise the prospect of a lower resale value looms; and you find yourself slogging to pay off the rest of your colossal mortgage.


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