The intuitive truth about a Subway meal

Now, I sorely lack the numbers (with regards to nutritional content) to back up what I am gonna say next, but I am going to dissect that sandwich, intuitively.

Notice how the company’s slogan goes: Eat Fresh. They attempt to send across a message that says “Hey, when you chow down on our sub, it is fresh! And healthy too!”. They have got a good workflow, food being prepped in front of you and such, littering your sandwich with green and leafy goodness. A clinical sandwich, which of course you could make at home if you ever have the time.

I didn’t make the association between fresh and healthy; most of my friends did. For starters, the main filling in the sandwiches revolves around preserved meat like hams, high in nitrate and salt content. Consider that, and the fact that many individuals ask for a double-up on their meat/foot long. And then we have the sauces, some of which conspicuously scream unhealthy. Mayonnaise? Honey Mustard?

To top it all off, we could do with some cookies and then wash it down with that delectable soda (getting Vitamin Water on their shelves was meant to portray ‘healthy’, and we should know that Vitamin Water is really a rather obscene sugary fest.). Clearly your nutritionist (if you have one) would go into epileptic shock. In any case, one of the oldest tricks in boosting fast food sales margin is to price ala-carte items ridiculously high so that the set meal (although a couple of dollars pricier) would seem like the better deal. Consumers are suckers, and they know that very, very, well.  The next time before you order a set meal, you could ask yourself if you really need that extra packet of fries or soft drink.

Hopefully this article would not get me into an unnecessary law suit (dry laughter). I like sandwiches, and I like being an informed consumer.


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