squeezing in a morning macro session

This moth is the reason I was late for my appointment today.

Madam White Snake, pointed out to me by a warm group of senior citizens. It was perched too high up, and this is the best shot I could muster.

I was cautious in my approach.

A rather cute arachnid; it was challenging getting it in focus because it is so darn small and jittery. In the end it wasn’t a good effort.

This may give people the creeps. I like how the reflected light gave the picture a sort-of unrealistic touch to it.

And there we have it, some highlights to celebrate the diversity of life!

I thought I had really enjoyed my walk; I have my misgivings about people of late and I thought today presented a good opportunity to revert to what I love photographing most (nature). The recent run of a dearth of confidence is ill-timed. I sorely lack encouragement and motivation, and it was inevitable that I would begin to question my own abilities.

On another note, apparently I am about to head for my first interview. The whole affair sounds pretty dodgy; I did not even apply for the job and apparently she said a headhunting company forwarded my CV to her. Till then!


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