running, the minimalist way

Photography first, this was shot wide open since the softness didn’t matter that much in this context. Also, with a -2 FEC to adequately light up the background, plus some lighting tweaks. The focus was of course on the logo, and I had steered the overall tone towards bluish to complement the model (Clima Cool) of the shoe. And of course, you wouldn’t be able to properly light up the interior without some creativity. Or a simple torch. I hope this looks acceptable!

Well, this model isn’t exactly marketed as a minimalist shoe. It looks like it has some bulk to it. That is, until you have it on. And then it feels like you have nothing on. I haven’t had a run in these, so the jury’s (just me) verdict is still out. But the first impression trumps the one with Nike Frees, at least for me. You can check out my previous post on the Nike Frees.

Reminiscing, it was actually the Frees that got me onto the minimalist camp. I began to abhor running restricted, running in armored and leaded shoes; when I ran in the frees or barefooted, I felt much more connected as my feet struck the ground. It was as though it was a natural part of running, and that we were meant to run like that. Hopefully I’ll get a good running experience out of this pair!


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