drawing stares, night and day

This uninteresting (and evil) cigarette stick was my morning photo subject. It was littered, presumably by someone with dark lungs. It was not stubbed out, and smoke was sort of spewing from it. No, I do not carry black sheets of backdrop, so the smoke is not salient in the photo. Nevertheless, I drew some curious stares from commuters. Of course, it was right at the berth. You have to do crazy things to get the photos you want. I didn’t get the desired effect though, and there was a limit to the amount of ‘crazy time’ I am willing to invest.

I went for my evening jog upon reaching home; I was about to wrap up after my third round when I heard really loud meows coming from the construction site near IMM. After my run I had decided to check it out, and I stumbled upon this lovable kitten with pitiful meows. It seemed like it got stuck at that dark path, unable to venture far, darting back to its hiding place behind the construction barriers at the sound of cars and cyclists. I was really worried it would be run over by commuters, or cars for that matter, so I spent an hour trying to coax it. It left its muddy paws on my lap, other than that it warmed up to me rather quickly. Eventually I held it (not without a little struggle from a confused kitten) and transported it back to my estate which I had thought was relatively safer, to this Malay family (who said they would feed it) living on the first level. And I drew stares from people who probably thought I was an animal abuser.

Now I am left contemplating, if I had rearranged the workings of life. I had inadvertently introduced the kitten into another ecosystem, one with rival cats. Sure, maybe I had saved it from the jaws of bicycle wheels, but that is in retrospect, a sorry excuse for having stuck a meddling foot in life. Maybe it would have survived fine in the construction yard and fields. Maybe it wouldn’t.

In Darwinian terms, this was probably, artificial selection. I do not think I would ever have a pet under my care; it is too much power for an individual.


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