all in a day, 10 September 2011

I had actually woken up on Saturday earlier than I would for work, for a 6 km time trial at Pandan Reservoir. I kind of like running on gravel and trail; it makes me appreciate the ruggedness of nature, of where we once trod. I came in at a timing somewhat similar to last year’s: 26 minutes 27 seconds. It didn’t suffice, and I didn’t make the cut to run for my school in my final year. Yet I am somewhat comforted by the fact that a new team of runners had came through the ranks, that they will be faster and stronger than I will ever be.

Anyway upon leaving the reservoir, I was so fixated with getting my S95 to focus properly, that I had left my shoe-bag behind.

Personally I thought this was a decent effort coming from a compact camera, in natural light.

When I was reaching home I stumbled upon a first ever lynx spider (I had no idea why I was looking into the bushes), and whipped out my camera yet again. After multiple focusing errors I realized that I have been missing macro-photography. I went back up and the rest of the afternoon highlights went like this:

The same species as above; they are pretty much everywhere.

The lynx spider in a more picturesque background.

A very docile fly. I actually lifted its shade up gently to have a better look.

Nature’s guise.

I also had time for the residential cat.

Who was obviously napping and didn’t wanted me snapping around.


And it woke up to get away from my incessant shooting.


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