shimmer of one morning

This looks like a crappy BP/Exxon Valdez oil spill but no. Those are textbook cases of what not to do in terms of PR management, which many local organizations pay little attention to (no Halloween night? Wails!).

I arrived at work way too early (yet again, probably owing much to Friday work absentees), and decided that the fountain would be a great spot for a little shuteye. The splashing of water calms, so does the morning sun. It left its mark in the water, so I abandoned my shuteye and took some shots.

Some notes about work: I am unsure if this was the case, but I’ve seen many internalizing the norm of long hours. Productivity is not measured by the numbers of hours put in, but rather relative and as a function of it. People have worked their lives away, risking ill-health and injury, shedding a tear or two, for seemingly endless causes.


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