My Sunday morning, 25th September

Nothing out of the ordinary, but the day presents itself as an opportunity to catch up on what I’ve been missing. It was thwarted partially by the almighty snooze; I had woken up rather late and had little choice but to roam around with my camera in the mid-day sun. Insects are less jittery in the morning and evening, and I should smack myself for making the same mistake again.

The yield was negligible as expected. I did however bump into a friend who has his weekly soccer session at my estate. I did also bump into the kitten I had found a while back, along with her ‘guardian’.

Engaging in some play, essential for refining her hunting instincts.

Managed to get a close up.

Their abode.

Some other flora and fauna.

Had a little camera shake in this one, which isn’t immediately evident.

You can always count on these guys to be around.

I was alerted by its rustle.

And a really teeny weeny spider. A drop of water would have obliterated it. Sadly my lens has its limitations!



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