Laksa with a twist (not Bernake’s)

This was my first bowl of laksa in eons; instead of the regular noodles, it came with rice noodles or what we would call ‘bee thai bak’ in our Hokkien dialect. The Mandarin translation is more amusing, but I would spare you the details.

The color cast was actually horrible; I didn’t expect much out of a bowl of laksa. Orangey and yellow and that was about it. Thankfully the white bowl and wooden table salvaged some points.

I wonder if Bernake had this particular dish before; maybe it has nothing to do with his economic rescue package. Or maybe if it fails (like many analysts have predicted), consumerism would head south (if not already) and one might think twice about shelling out for goods and services. Personally, I would ask Greece to default already, and let the market correct itself. With a 70% yield on its 2 year notes, it is wallowing in knee high Greek poop, with many investors pricing in an above 90% probability of default. Our sovereign doesn’t necessarily make the best fiscal decision, but it is certainly nowhere as preposterous as this Greek tragedy.


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