Some chow @ Harbourfront, and measuring happiness

I presume these ladies had a hearty lunch, looking mighty jovial (although the magnitude diminishes with decreasing distance to the office, I presume). There must be another lady smiling at the back!

So it isn’t cheap lunching out in these areas; it boils down to economic rent and marginal returns. The same principle goes for expensive coffee (it isn’t expensive just because it is). So I had the mini-pot noodle, one I haven’t had in a long time. I wished they wouldn’t scrimp on the mushrooms!

What would it take to make an individual happier by one unit? Does the law of diminishing returns come into play? Is is measurable?

Happiness is not the sum of all happy moments but rather, attained through the achievement of a higher level goal. Parenting, running, and mountain climbing speaks volumes in terms of people enduring discomfort (sometimes beyond comprehension) on a physical and basic level, in search of gratification. It defines the human experience.

I can’t say I’ve truly lived if I didn’t.


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