The Fullerton Dim-Sum Buffet

So we headed over to The Fullerton Hotel for it’s dim-sum buffet. It costs about $40 for this 2 hour buffet window, so bargain hunters can forget about gorging themselves slowly. So, given it’s glitzy reputation you don’t expect siew-mai (steamed prawn and meat balls, I think?). You get siew-mai with steamed roe, stuff like that. The ambient lighting was actually pleasing, but rather rubbish for photography. I tried to take what I could, which meant prancing around with ISO 1600 and a rather low shutter.

For anti-shark’s fin folks, the braised seafood soup will suffice.

Another variation with beancurd on top. Who knew?

The favorite of many; however the workmanship was quite shoddy. The skin didn’t stay intact, which was really the whole point of it.

Some mini egg tarts which I didn’t sample. Too many light bulbs cast unwanted shadows.

These weren’t too bad; poached prawn wantons with chilli and vinegar.

A change of shooting scenery for this radish cake.

Very Singaporean I presume.

One of the last dishes I have had. Custard buns which consist of salted egg paste and probably sugar. Interesting texture, though I wouldn’t have more than one.

There you have it, some pictures of the more interesting food fare available. I would post some street pictures taken on the same day, should my schedule permit. Till then!


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