Breathing in MacRitchie Reservoir

It isn’t exactly Yellowstone National Park (I hope to set foot there someday), but it is a place of nature I have come to love. MacRitchie Reservoir underwent a face lift a couple of years back; people of my age would remember their secondary school’s cross-country held at an older version of this reservoir park. It has been garnering popularity as a nature hotspot since it’s revamp. You see all walks of life.

I have been running at this reservoir on numerous occasions over a span of 2 years. I never really did pause and breathe in the life nature has to offer. So on a particular Sunday, I headed down with a bunch of photographic enthusiasts. Many mosquito bites, but I would say it is worth it.

It was really hard not to showcase every single photo; that would span a lengthy post. Nevertheless, here are some of the highlights I have picked. I did omit some spiders though less you let fly screams. Thanks for viewing!

I wonder if they glow in the dark?

A rather passive jumping spider.

On a memorial hill.

This monitor lizard was huge. A regular feature in the waters near the golf range. I remember I was running past the golf range on one occasion and it was swimming against the shimmering backdrop of the lake, beautiful.

Regular leaves.

It’s flutter was gentle.

Something by the boardwalk.

A beautiful caterpillar, definitely one of my favorites.

I wished I had the eyes in focus. A crimson marsh glider.

Something more abstract.

Droplets of water on web, presumably.

Would never have spotted it if I was not alerted by its rustle.

The hammerhead fly.

What you would call a cricket, in natural light.

Really lil fella.

Wrapping up the day, we came across these really talented painters.

Celebrating the diversity of life.


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