A foray into extreme macro-photography

This would be taking my hobby one step further or rather, two steps. I didn’t manage to find a filter thread the right size for my ring flash to clip onto my close-up lens. This morning I did the next best thing I could; hand holding the flash while shooting with enormous shake in the other.

The first thing you’ll see when you look into the viewfinder is fuzz, and that is all you will see. Until something comes into focus, that is. Most of the time I was hunting for the subject when it was right in front of my lens. Complicating the effort was the sheer weight of the set up, especially when held with one hand. Of course I had a strap as insurance (it’s like shelling out moolahs for overpriced Iphone casings; it is really buying insurance).

The morning saw great sunshine, distinctive chirps of hummingbirds, and neighborhood cats going about their business (mainly napping). Coupled with pictures that turned out reasonably well, this hobby can be immensely rewarding.

A wee bit more would have put it in focus.

Third time encountering this critter, I believe.

A golden dragonfly.


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