A tale of 3 runners

Now, I should probably sever all hopes of obtaining a correct weather report from NEA. Well, prediction is man’s obsession. We have weather reports, VAR and various fancy distribution tables, and then we have financial apocalypse and such. Predicting future events is as reliable as predicting the weather. We were not meant to predict, and sometimes it is best it stays that way.

So the weather report indicated that the south and central area will stay dry, which was exactly the path I had mapped out for my run. 10km into my run it started raining (surprise) and I had to finish the rest of the run in some insane rain. At one point it got so torrential, driving was clearly hazardous. Not quite the run I had envisioned it to be.

Times like these, seeing fellow runners who share a common enthusiasm offers a comforting spark. First up was a Caucasian kid running along Tanglin road. Sometimes I envy these children; when they run they do without restrain, giving it their all. Sure, it may not be the best running/racing strategy. But do look at their expressions; it can be quite a delight. I gave him a thumbs up which he immediately reciprocated.

Coming in shortly after him was a local man running with a heart rate monitor. With the rain lashing out I am sure monitoring heart rate wasn’t high up on his list, but he was running out of his comfort zone. When he could having warm soup. I flashed a thumbs up and he gave me a wave. It does lift my spirits.

The last runner I had encountered was a Caucasian man, along Bukit Timah road. Admittedly my motivation was rolling off the cliff when he appeared around a mild corner, giving a salute. I mustered up a thumbs up yet again, to a man who enjoys what he was doing. All in all, I was glad to have met them! Truth be told, I was dreading this long run. I’ve found out though, that the best way is to put on your running shoes and things will at times iron themselves out.

The other marvel to come out of this story was that somehow, my Ipod and my non-waterproof earphones survived the whole trip. Man!


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