Some quick shots from the Chinese Garden

I decided I had to head out and shoot something, and this calling brought me to the Chinese Garden. Mid-afternoon isn’t an ideal time to hunt for critters though, but I had to balance my daily schedule (and not missing out on employment calls when I am out running). It was a quick session, hurried on by the incoming storm clouds.

Walking around with a dedicated set-up for extreme macro, I did eventually realize the hassle of switching/dismantling equipment for specific shots. For example, if you were too lazy to detach your close-up lens, you’ll attempt pictures like this:

And the variety of wildlife that I wouldn’t be able to capture with a macro set up, like this Malayan water monitor.

Or this chirpy lil fella.

What I did capture with my macro set up, though it didn’t boast good yields, were these.

A very tiny jumping spider, shielded from the elements in a tiny corner of a rock.

Very common flies.

A bug from Mars presumably.

Sadly I do not possess the fauna/floral know-how. This is either an assassin bug or a stink bug (as pointed out by a kind forum member).

Thanks for viewing!


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