And some quick shots from Venus Drive

After a solo run session at Mac Ritchie Reservoir today, I decided to head over to the nearby Venus Drive. In fact, Venus Drive is connected to the Mac Ritchie Reservoir trail! Of course being relatively secluded it boasts a greater variety of wildlife (presumably and evidently, from the photos). Upon reaching the entrance though it was far from serene, with yakking tourists and hikers tearing away at the silence of the sanctuary. Nevertheless I went ahead and did my thing.

Not a clean focus, but I really wanted to show the yellow variant of a common fly.


Fashionista moth with rainbow colored fringe, seriously!

A juvenile jumping spider, with a tinge of blue.

This roach looking insect, tucked comfortably underneath a leaf.

Looks like a worm from the Jurassic.

Probably my favorite; beautiful colors indeed.

This erm, mystifying, ethereal insect.

So there, some highlights from an otherwise short session again. I would have very much like to stay longer and trek further in. However the entire day has been overwhelmingly awful, so pardon me if I said I felt a little underwhelmed and disappointed. In fact, I spent a good portion of my time in the forest messaging away, embroiled in an argument. At that point of time I felt I couldn’t stay any longer, and that wasn’t even half of the sorry story that has been my day. I do yearn for some detachment away from the things I have to do, yet I can’t really escape the inevitable reality of it all, even in a nature sanctuary.

Besides, being stationary means giving away free lunches for mosquitoes (sadly I gave away a couple). No, they have to earn their keep at the very least!


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