The Food Expo

Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead at the Singapore Expo; these rows of exhibition halls reside in the far East of this little island.

The Food Fest, as they would call it, showcases numerous local food fare. Tourists on a time shoe string would probably get the bang for their time-buck here; it has local delights boasting laksa and chicken rice, to others such as Peking duck and desserts. The halls were packed, as with the car park. I guess Singaporeans really love their food!

For the more health conscious, or those who would buy anything with the word ‘organic’ in them. I wonder where they had gotten their straw hats?

Absolutely no to shark’s fin soup, however I don’t think they will take my words too kindly. I think these are the substituted variety, with crab meat.

A piping hot bowl of laksa. The thing about such exhibition halls is that they have poor lighting; these spotlights create reasonably good highlights.

See, spotlights.

Japanese pizza or what have you.

The enthusiastic and the stoic.

I doubt preserved and smoked pork is seasonal, judging from the people snapping it up. The Chinese New Year will come soon enough though!

And this is not the way the world works. It doesn’t work caffeine free! A note about bubble tea shops; over the span of the year they have been sprouting up and taking roots in every nook and cranny of this state, sort of like weed. Of course they are going to see diminishing marginal returns very soon, if not already. I am guilty of buying one occasionally, even though it clearly does nothing fantastic for my health.


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