Now here is something Eric and LX kindly got for me a while back from Korea. Arh, holidays trips are enviable; I have not stepped out of this country in ages. In any case I had intentionally kept the clutter in the background for the blues and pinks, and F/3.5 gives reasonably good bokeh (so the clutter doesn’t distract) while keeping the subject in focus. What I lack was a reflector to get rid of the shadows. Technical stuff aside, they got me this little trinket because cats are my favorite creature!

There is this stigma, although I’m not sure if it is strictly local; people are expected to hit the work force as soon as they complete their studies. The pressure society and family exerts on them, the burden of study loans and family planning makes idling around a distasteful proposition by society’s standards.

I am about 5 months into my job search, scarcity of prospects attributed to the volatile economy. In retrospect, I could have spent the time going on trips. Of course that wasn’t immediately economically viable, which inevitably boils down to securing an income. And so for many, that means earning your keep in the workforce. Working professionals will tell you however, taking leave is a tricky proposition contingent on business cycles and the probably the douchebag-meter of your colleagues. Holiday planning becomes tricky, subjected to variables and parameters of society.

Is free will an illusion? Are you having that coffee because you want to?


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