Some petals in unusual places

I haven’t been posting much with regards to flowers; they were probably my first interest when I had first started out in nature photography. There it was, looking dainty before it withers like all life. I set my digital camera to P, took a shot before hurrying into the lift. The camera chose ISO 2500. Well I am not a big fan of high ISO!

This one was looking all rosy, parked in a comfortable air-conditioned environment called the supermarket. Well people would buy it and then have a hard time maintaining it. Botany can be one frustrating hobby, one that takes patience and time. This current maddening fast-paced society offers people little capacity to appreciate such a hobby. If it dies on you twice or so, they would probably give the finger amidst cooking, clearing backlogs after office hours and such.

Then again, like photography, it can yield great satisfaction if you could overcome challenges!


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