Squeezing in an evening shoot

Basically this session was horrible, which ironically wasn’t unexpected. Dusk was approaching fast, and I was like a flashing red siren for mosquitoes on this wet evening.

I wasn’t expecting much of a find in all truthfulness, since the density of vegetation per neighborhood park obviously will not rival that of a nature reserve, hence a lesser variety of insects. What’s more, the dominant species (upon personal observation) is in fact the red ant. These ferocious little ones populate almost every tree and bush, and will make short work out of any wandering and hapless insect.

I did spot this funny looking hopper rather quickly though, through some sheer luck. It was well camouflaged and I wouldn’t have noticed it if it didn’t leap. I wished I could snap a few more as the ones I had weren’t too ideal, but it is pretty darn hard to concentrate amidst hungry mosquitoes having a go at you.

Peeled back the leaf for a better view.

I have no idea what the heck is this, and any attempts at labeling it will sound suggestive. As I wonder into this spot the familiar neighborhood cat would offer some companionship (or to use my leg as a scrubbing board). I didn’t take any pictures of her though.

The last usable shot of a day, of a caterpillar obviously on LSD. It was moving its head left and right like a metronome, presumably to spin its cocoon. The silk is clearly depicted!


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