Post race thoughts & Evening shots at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

Well I had to get out of the house to nurse this itch, even though my legs were mangled after yesterday’s marathon. And so I packed my gear and headed to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve. It was approaching dusk, and this natural habitat was rather near.

To digress, all in all it was a decent timing of 4 hr 26mins. However I felt a sense of loss; at 30km I was doing fine with 2 hrs 54mins on the clock, and I can only watch it slip away as I hit the wall, developed cramps and stitches simultaneously at 34km. That meant I had to hobble the rest of the way; the last 12km took an excruciating 1.5hrs. At the last 150metres I cramped up real bad, and the all too familiar feeling of locked leg muscles set in (actually it hit me like a bullet). I actually fell backwards, and I was glad 2 runners actually came and lifted me to my feet. I can’t possibly forget this.

Pulling back into macro photography, what I have here are some highlights from a rather short trip. I was surprised at the number of critters I could find along this one belt of flora.

First up is a fly feeding from what I can only assume is poop. Some insects have reflective bodies, and that is a tad distracting.

A spider wasp with a metallic blue shimmer, with an equally blue prey. Coming across this scene never ever crossed my mind; on first look it appears innocent enough until the gradual realization of predator-prey sets in. This jumping spider, probably immobilized, will meet its young soon enough.

One of my favorites for the day, and one who was patient (or confused) enough for me to maneuver myself into position. I spotted others but they were out of reach. Not this one.

Here is one small fella, spotting hints of metallic gold, blue and green.

A stink bug, maybe?

I wanted to include this fly even though the eyes weren’t in focus; it was such a pity, looking at the dazzle of striped colors.

A very active caterpillar.

Tucked comfortably under a leaf. Sometimes it can be tempting to pry it open for a better look, but then I might destroy its abode. It’s best to leave them in its natural state.

Documenting the fly graveyard.

At the end of the session I had gotten a call from my recruiter, for a position I thought had gone the other way of other candidates. Well, I’ll have to see come Thursday!


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