A parting gift, and a sunrise to boot

I realized I favor my sheets as a photo background; all colorful and such. Definitely better than a flat and dull wall. Well this cute little fella, a frog-monkey hybrid wannabe is a parting gift from YW to her colleague, and I conveniently borrowed it for a second. The clover is pretty apt; good luck in her future endeavor!

While her colleague is seeking re-employment, I am still on the trail of mine. I was about to head out early morning when I caught sight of the sunrise. It is visible from my window, this period of the year. I have this fascination with this nuclear ball of fire. After a couple of snaps I lugged my mangled legs (from the marathon) to the East for an interview at BNP Paribas.

Well the interview was pretty short. I had first came across the name of the bank while I was watching the French Open. It has been a sponsor since 1971 (I think). Well I thought I would also mention that a player I look up to is Roger Federer. He is quite the epitome of class, and he has manners of a gentleman to back it up. A good role model, unlike some found in soccer. Not that I have anything against soccer; I think of late it has been marred by enough scandals, corruption and bad role models to boot.

To cap off the day, my recruiter called and informed me that the job I was shortlisted for had gone to another candidate the company had sourced through another agency. This is proving to be hard.


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