The lunar eclipse on 10th Decmber

The world couldn’t get its act up at times, bickering over ideological, military, and fiscal differences. Well it takes an astronomical event for us to cast aside our misgivings over one another, and for that few hours we look up to the sky as one race.

I missed the prelude (kicking myself), and could only manage some hasty pictures. This was my first lunar eclipse, and I am sure it is also the first for many. It may sound way over the top, but I could feel a sense of awe and inspiration under this sky.

A blood moon.

Throwing in half the Orion Constellation into the fray, easily the most recognizable one.

One of the reasons I didn’t get a telephoto lens back then was because I foresee under utilization, sitting there and collecting dust. But times like these, times like these…


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