Some bites over the weekend

On Friday we headed down to Baden at Holland Village, a renowned watering hole a-la nightspot. Hazel was actually being really nice about footing the bill as means of a belated birthday present, which was totally unnecessary of course. Well they had wanted to quench some pork-knuckle cravings, and so we promptly sat down and ordered duly. I never did had one before, so I was pretty amazed at the punch a knuckle could pack. Sorry vegans!

Pretty tasty pork loin, with what I presume to be apple sauce.

Curry and chilli wurst, a combination pretty weird to me. I&H had the real deal in Germany, and apparently it comes as a whole instead of diced.

I tried my darnedest at a better shot, but I couldn’t hog it any longer.

There after we shifted to Breko’s for some lager-y goodness. Kirin was my weapon of choice; a rather delectable and flavorful lager with hints of sweetness!

The day after I spent some quality time out in town, with YW who wanted (or had to, chuckles) to shop for Christmas presents. It ultimately proved to be a hair-tearing experience. However lunch was not too bad though; we headed to Ippudo for some Japanese ramen. I personally classify ramen as comfort food. The other time we were there, we were met with a horrendous queue and left swiftly, shuddering at the prospect of an absurd waiting time. This time we had managed to get seats for 2 pretty fast.

The ramen was good, however it didn’t have good service as a compliment. It is priced on the higher side as well. In my humble opinion, other joints offer far better bang for your eroding buck.

After walking around for a bit more we hit upon The Pink Cabaret. It is, all Christmas-y now and of course they belted out Christmas tunes.

The only other cabaret performance I have been to was in Melbourne. It had a ghoulish theme and featured (for 5 secs) nudity, along with a 3 course dinner. Well I have been dieing to catch a play/performance again, hopefully at the Esplanade or something, sometime soon!


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