And a cuppo’ latte

At $5.60, a lot of economics goes into this bubbly glass of the world’s most consumed psychoactive substance. I was struggling to finish this latte, a small size at that. The large serving should probably be made illegal. Normally I wouldn’t pay for such coffee, but I was ridiculously early for my interview, and I decided I would be price indifferent. So I grabbed one and flipped through some key notes. The black background is a result of an accidental flash; the phone set a high shutter speed, hence the light from ambient sources have insufficient time to reach hit the sensor.

Another attempt without the flash produces this.

Today’s interview was the longest on my record, a whooping 1 hr 15 minutes. Interviewer number 2 out of 3 threw really challenging questions, and I thought I held my ground well. Till then!


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