My niece’s wedding

Note the anomaly when I say I attended my niece’s wedding. Yes, she is a good few years older than me. No, she wouldn’t be calling me her uncle. That would be plain weird, no matter the formalities. But I guess I would scrimp on the details pertaining to my family tree.

The plush bear actually says ‘Conrad Weddings’ after the hotel, Conrad Continental, but I thought the bride and groom’s name would be more appropriate.

What a typical Chinese banquet menu looks like. I swore off shark’s fin!

I could have positioned myself further front but that wouldn’t be appropriate. And after all, I ain’t the dude with the expensive dSLRs and camcorder.

In a quirky story of coincidence, I had actually bumped into JX from secondary school. It’s amazing what 10 years does to my memory, because I was about to walk off a good 2 seconds into the gaze until she called my name. Of course I couldn’t be sure because I wouldn’t have seen this coming. It turns out she works for my cousin (the mother of the bride), and the company staff were guests to the wedding. It’s rather mind boggling, how we each branch off into our lives and cross paths somewhere down a very long road. Well, we spent some time catching up before the banquet. And yes, I was reminded by the fact that she bore some witness to some of the silly stuff (come on, adolescence!) I might have done back then. Geez.

I wonder who else would I bump into, after the flip of a page.


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