To berate the beleaguered

I didn’t hop onto the berating mania prevalent on social media over the past week. Well because I think it is easy to dish out biased criticisms, and I am guilty of that at times. So as people participate in imaginary internet dialogue and pretend that their tweets are read, I then chose to pen my thoughts here. Writing is something I enjoy doing (even if I live in a vacuum), and I’m thankful I have a handful of subscribers to my blog now, it is much appreciated! 🙂

To paint the picture prior to this backlash, our local transport system suffered shocks in the form of multiple breakdowns over the week. Not isolated incidents but interconnected ones that displaced many commuters. After the revision of taxi fares, these incidents concerning rail transport drove the ire of citizens right through the roof. Not to mention the jarring public relations mistakes made by the beleaguered transport operator.

The backlash wasn’t unexpected, after all transport is an integral part of our daily life, and any perceived threat to our comfort is met with disdain. However, to be fair to the berated, machinery do break down and depreciate. If something must take the rap, it would be the lack of foresight with respect to contingencies, coupled with the horrendous public relations debacle. To quote one example, ‘Income Opportunity’ templates were sent out to taxi drivers, prompting them to pick up passengers stranded at non-functional MRT stations. Needless to say, this was frown upon. Personally I thought it stank to high heavens.

When common chatter across ages consists of topics such as this, you can be sure that the general consensus veers towards the negative. There are calls for the CEO to resign. Well, I do hold an executive position in a miniature recreational club, and I could say I understand her plight. Objectively, I would let her do her job, rectifying and identifying fundamental problems; would an immediate resignation be a better option? Maybe not. Of course, my position and her’s is a stratosphere apart; when big organizations foul up, the common demands the guillotine rolls. Rival political parties lurk in one corner, ready to capitalize on such sentiments.

Of course, citizens are entitled to their opinions. I feel for those who have their lives disrupted; being late for sales, meetings, hospital appointments. And then there are those that are peeved because their shopping were disrupted. Callous and shallow, these descriptions seem about right.


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