Another quick afternoon shoot at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

Yes, I headed back to cover unexplored grounds. Some of the issues apparent in macro photography were made especially salient on this trip. Well, if I take 100 photos, I would expect to keep 30. The rest would be discarded due to focusing issues, inconsistent metering resulting in blown highlights, and jittery insects. The last point is especially crucial; a great deal hinges on your ability to get in close. If the subject is shot shy, it’ll just get away from you every time you attempt to move in.

I actually saw my first robber fly today, Diptera Asilidae. These are really fearsome predators. Some of my shots had blown highlights, which is very regrettable indeed.

Robber fly with prey.

Also, it can be hard trying to steady my hands on magnifications greater than 1:1, as any camera shake is drastically magnified. I often have to discard pictures of really small insects, because it was just darn hard to get their eyes into focus, factoring in their movements as well as the wind’s.

One I did get, a pair of mating flies.

And this.

One in natural light. Note the serrated jaws; I kept my distance!

Evolution boggles. I was pretty sure this was a golden ant, until it was not. It turned out to an ant mimic spider, Myrmarachne maxillosa.

Another ant mimic spider.

First time seeing this beetle.

Spotted this wolf spider by sheer chance as I toiled amongst foilage, skittering across and parking conveniently on this rock.

Shy moth, with beautiful colors and patterns.

Funky leaf hopper.

Dude, looks like a leaf hopper as well.

And, concluding the post with something abstract.


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