Christmas Eve with company

I had zero plans for Christmas Eve, and this unfolds every single year. I’m about as religious as a moldy rock, but I kind of wonder how it would be like to have a Christmas dinner over turkey, with company, by the Christmas tree.

Heading out for a movie with friends wasn’t too shabby though. In actual fact I was dreading the throng of festive goers, but thankfully we had our movie out of the main shopping belt. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was surprisingly good, if you could forgo TC and his scientology and couch jumping antics, as well as the overused Cold War and Russian-Guy-with-nuke references.

Also, I had a willing subject whom I could unleash my diabolical ring flashes on.

The halo effect.

This would be Lionel, a very dedicated member from Track & Field. He oozes with positivity, sturdiness, and never fails to encourage!


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