That elusive droplet/splatter

Still not quite the finished product yet! This experimental makeshift set up involves a wet shirt, and there is some variability in the areas the droplet would land; a slight adjustment will render it out of focus. I’ll have to devise a set up where I can control more of the variables and less of post processing, in my next attempt. Still searching for the perfect drop and splatter!

You can find thousands of photos of water droplets on sites such as Flickr, and it perhaps might make one wonder if they could have dedicated their time to some worthy cause instead of photographing this minute entity. But it is vast; water as the essence of life, embodied in one single picturesque drop. We find meaning in different things, and the search goes on.

Probably my favorite, one before it disintegrates under the surface. I did experiment with a green backdrop to impart some color variations.

I could take a thousand photos and none will ever come out the same. We often deny the role of chance and randomness in our lives.


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