Some contemplation for my year

A year came and gone, and now we set foot in the year we call 2012. Well I’m not gonna make any resolutions; they mean nothing without resolve, and most of the time we just fail to keep them. And then we just make new ones on the last day of the year. Priceless, pointless. A glimpse into the cynic that is me.

The last dawn of 2011. Shot after a groggy long drawn mahjong session. The colors were enough to delay a much needed shuteye.

A panorama of the same dawn. Beautiful wisps of light.

Ever since I have taken up photography, my inventory has been growing steadily. The photos of yesteryear will be chucked into a folder denominated accordingly, as I start a new one for the coming. As I review some photos I came across a few milestones I have set out to achieve, and I must say I am rather pleased.

Of late there has been increased viewership in the things I have attempted to photograph, which is considerably flattering given my less-than-average opinion of myself. However, a common question often goes: what is the camera I am using? Well, I try my darnedest not to be offended, as there is a long drawn debate in the photographer-gear issue. I do however try to get the maximum out of my gear, an entry level dSLR, on top of finding ways to be creative. Crouching, moving the camera like a joystick, maneuvering around, often reveal different perspectives that can be exploited to impart a certain meaning or point of interest. The utilization of light, the angle and composition, are the crux of a photo.

I finished 2011 with 8km shy of 2000 running kilometres; 2000km would be a nice number but unfortunately I had aggravated a tender spot beside my knee (darn crazy cyclist responsible for this). I would say I have become a better runner. However I cannot shrug off the notion that 2011 might be my last year I can accomplish decent results, as I head into my career (yet to). Work-life balance is tricky, especially in Singapore where 1 in 5 works 12 hours a day. Maybe I could focus on quality runs, I don’t know for sure.

The last hours of 2011 weren’t so ideal; 11th hour plans ain’t too much of my thing, and I loathe waiting (my over-the-top time concept spoke). So plans for a meet up with friends were compromised, and so much for that. Sometimes I wonder why I persistently arrive early when people cannot be on time for the least bit. Brutally honest over here. I suspect I am fighting a loss cause, at the expense of my time and emotional well being. More of that in 2012, gah.

Well I did get to be an armchair fireworks photographer. We like fancy lights and blown up tax dollars.

Wishing you readers a fantastic year ahead! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Some contemplation for my year

  1. I feel the same way as you about making resolutions — they are pointless. But taking beautiful shots like these are priceless. Beautiful capture. Thanks for brightening my new year’s day. 🙂

  2. The light-play in those mystical clouds is breathtaking. Thanks for a year of great photography, and may the next be even better!

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