Savoring great weather

The weather in Singapore is pretty monotonous, not to say that is a bad thing though; we are pretty sheltered from weather anomalies, something many locals have taken for granted. In truth, I would say we lack unity because we (especially my generation) rarely have the chance to unite when adversity is forced upon us, compared to other countries who have experienced for example, numerous civil wars and natural disasters on a gargantuan scale.

If you were looking for great landscape photos over wonders of the world, I would have to disappoint.

The weather these 3 past days was superb (it is raining as I pen this down), producing a fair spectrum of colors over clear skies.

Day 1. Well they say the best camera is the one you have with you. Shot with my iPhone 4.

Day 2. What the early morning skies look like at YCK stadium. I had a chance to lie down and look up at the incredibly vast sky that is not obscured, a feat rarely achieved in a city of many blocks. Shot with my S95 compact.

Day 3. I actually rushed back home to haul up my dSLR. Note that the scene is similar to the 2nd picture. Landscape photography is pretty challenging to me, and I don’t do particularly well at it compared to the works of many others. Shot with my 550D and kit lens.


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