Chef Daniel Koh’s Kitchen

I’m blessed to have a ready made breakfast to kick start a special day.

I’m perpetually dull when it comes to suggestions for dining venues. I literally picked this place out of the mall directory, because it was near to where we were catching a movie.

Chef Daniel Koh’s Kitchen.

Tucked away on the remote rooftops of Iluma, this eatery offers a reasonable bang for your buck. Apparently it is run by a celebrity chef, but he definitely did not whip up the dishes we were having. Why? Because he was at the dining area chatting with his crew! But that is alright as the dishes didn’t disappoint. We ordered the 3 course meal where you choose a main, with the soup and dessert decided by the house.

Wok-seared salmon with greens and clam bits. Well the salmon is served sort-of medium-well, which makes the meat really juicy and delectable.

Oven-baked chicken with greens, potatoes and mushrooms. The juices are well locked in.

Chocolate truffles and coffee/tea (not depicted) to cap off the meal. Chocolate is not really my kind of dessert, but no other complains here.

All in all, it is simplistic food fare with a visual twist, which was well done indeed. The use of garnish and greens offers great contrast to simple dishes. I think we might be due for a repeat visit somewhere down the gastronomical road.


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