ex post I will

I am aware this little fountain is in the Guinness Book of Records, and what would be a better time to take a photograph?

There is a longer gap in between my posts now; I still love writing and taking photographs, but I am like any mortal confined by time constraints and expectations required of us at work. I work from 4pm – 1am now; in actuality, leaving at 1am is practically impossible.

So you often hear the occasional bemoan, from someone wishing he or she could turn back the clock. Well back then someone else could pay for your mistakes; you mellow through the sands of time, societal constraints render you meek as you contemplate irrevocable consequences and penalties.

I’ve tried running after work at a horrendous 2am. A tempo run was taxing, and my liver probably threatened to parachute off. I am still some way off acclimatization. Till then, I don’t know if I could keep my runs going.

A couple of weeks till some needed closure. I wouldn’t comment on it now, ex post I will.


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